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Treating shortness of breath naturally

Treating narrowing of the airways with natural recipes as follows: –
Honey and water: Mix two teaspoons of honey with a glass of water.
Honey and ginger: Mix half a teaspoon of honey with a pinch of black pepper, an amount of fresh ginger paste, and two teaspoons of cloves, then use the mixture.
Honey and lemon: put several drops of lemon juice with lukewarm water, and half a tablespoon of honey, then stir the mixture with a spoon, and eat it.
Onion slice :- Cut an onion slice, put it in a dish, then cover the chopped onion with honey, leave it for a whole night, then remove the onion slice, and take four teaspoons of it.
Thyme oil: Doctors recommend using thyme oil in order to relieve severe coughing pain, and bronchitis, so we put several drops of thyme oil under the tongue, so that we use this recipe once a day in order to treat severe coughing, or irregular breathing.
Ginger and cloves: Mix a small amount of pepper with ground ginger and two teaspoons of cloves, then take a tablespoon of the mixture and mix it in a glass of milk or honey, taking into account this recipe three times a day.
Ginger and cinnamon: We mix equal amounts of ginger, cinnamon and cloves, then take a teaspoon of the mixture, and mix it with a cup of boiling water.
Ginger tea: We can prepare a cup of boiled ginger tea, and then drink it twice a day.

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