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Trump punishes Erdogan!

Hardly a day passes during the last month of US President Donald Trump’s term and administration without being announced

Imposing new US sanctions targeting companies and individuals all over the world, as if the usual normal has become the clause of daily sanctions, and as if we will not be reassured of the US administration’s normal condition without hearing about its new sanctions from Syria to Iran to Russia, China, Yemen and Libya, and today Turkey’s turn …

Today, the US sanctions targeted a number of individuals associated with the Turkish Defense Industries Administration.

According to a website affiliated with the US Treasury, Washington imposed sanctions on the Turkish administration and its head, Ismail Demir, and three employees, as a punitive step for Ankara for its purchase of a Russian air defense system.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo considered that the US sanctions include banning all American export licenses and permits that were granted to the Turkish Defense Procurement Agency, stressing that America made it clear to Turkey that its purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense system would compromise the security of military technology, and the military in his country. To risk ..

Pompeo made it clear that he urged Ankara to reach a solution on the S-400 problem in coordination with Washington.

Ankara, for its part, quickly responded, and its Foreign Ministry announced its rejection and condemnation of “unilateral” sanctions, saying that the US sanctions would harm relations between the two sides and that Ankara would respond as it should.

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