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Turkey objects to the decision of the French Senate: Your thinking is absurd!

Turkish interventions in the matter of countries are still continuing with arguments that the Turkish authorities are always preparing to be a curtain to hide behind the reality of interference in the internal affairs of states, as is the case currently in Karabakh, after the French Senate approved by a majority of 305 votes on the French government’s proposal to recognize the Nagorno Karabah Republic Bagh is an independent and sovereign state, and called for its liberation from the Azerbaijani presence.

Turkey announced its objection. The French government has called for a proposal to call for an international investigation into war crimes committed in Karabakh, demanding a return to the borders agreed upon in 1994, indicating that negotiations will be conducted on this through the Minsk Group. However, the matter did not please the Turkish government, as the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that the decision of the French Senate is devoid of logic and limits the possibility of France’s participation in resolving the crisis.

In a statement, the ministry said: “The decision of the French Senate that was adopted yesterday regarding the Karabakh conflict is An example of how international law, legitimacy and justice can be ignored for domestic political reasons. We deny the baseless allegations in the decision against Turkey.

The statement added, “After Armenia’s aggression and provocations, Azerbaijan took the necessary response and restored its territorial integrity, liberating its lands that had been occupied for nearly 30 years. This is the embodiment of its rights, as the relevant United Nations resolutions order the Armenian side to leave the occupied Azerbaijani lands immediately and without … Terms”.. The ministry continued, “The French Senate’s call for Azerbaijan to leave the territories is a manifestation of absurd and biased thinking that cannot be taken seriously. This decision, devoid of logic, also limits France’s ability to make a real contribution to resolving the crisis.”

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