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Turkey reveals its intention to expand its operations in Syria

It seems that the Turkish intervention and incursion into Syrian territory and in the course of the Syrian field will not stop, and the Turkish authorities continue to flout international law with direct and clear intervention and continued control over parts of Syrian territory.
Once again, Turkey announces its intention to expand its intervention in Syria unchecked, as the announcement was made by the spokesman of the Turkish presidency, who confirmed that at any moment Ankara may take this step if its interests in Syrian territory are targeted.
They added: The agreements that Turkey concluded with Russia and The United States include a clause stating that “Turkey reserves the right to self-defense and intervene against any terrorist entity,” considering that Turkey has the right to defend its “presence” in Syria if it is attacked in terms of soldiers, civil servants, aid workers or others attacked by “terrorist organizations,” noting that Turkey’s right to intervene to protect its interests includes not only Syria but Iraq or any other place where there is a threat. Turkish interests.
On the news that u.S. special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey was given assurances to Kurdish militias that Turkey would not launch two operations in their areas of presence, the Turkish spokesman said: “There is no such thing at all,” considering that it was a rumor launched by Kurdish militias and had nothing to do with Jeffrey.

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