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UAE clarifies the duration of the new visas

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, in the United Arab Emirates, revealed that the duration of visas for entering the country in the new visa system varies according to the type of each visa.

The authority said that “the extension of the entry permit to the country depends on the type of entry permit issued in terms of duration and the number of times the extension request is submitted, and the extension period is 30 or 90 days.”

She pointed out that “the period of stay of the visitor with the purpose of his coming to the state is determined by the authority,” stressing that “the period of stay should not exceed one year, with the need to meet the prescribed fee and guarantee,” considering “the part of the month is a month in determining the value of the fee to be paid.”

The authority also indicated that the new visa system, “includes eight types of temporary visit visas that may be granted to foreigners to enter the country, whether for one trip or after trips, and it may be extended for a similar period or periods.”

She also confirmed that this system, which was included in the executive regulations of the law on entry and residence of foreigners, will be implemented on the 3rd of next October.

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