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UAE sets 5 records

Today, Saturday, the UAE set 5 Guinness World Records for fireworks during the 2022 New Year celebrations, in which drones were used.
The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah set the first world record for the “highest height of a drone fireworks display” by forming a tower of fireworks at a height of 1055,8 meters, exceeding the height of any skyscraper in the world.
The second record was in the category “Most number of drones used to launch fireworks simultaneously”, where 452 “drones” were launched to create a visual formation of “Happy New Year” in the sky of the same emirate.
The Sheikh Zayed Festival, in Abu Dhabi, set 3 new records, with its visitors receiving the first minutes of the new year with a fireworks display that lit the sky in the Al Wathba area within 40 minutes.

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