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Ukrainian forces losses

In the daily morning statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, it was confirmed that “high-precision missiles hit five command posts and 29 concentration areas for forces and military equipment, and 61 centers of forces and equipment were targeted by aviation.”
“As a result of these strikes, more than 140 extremist nationalists were destroyed, as well as 9 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, a grad battery, six artillery pieces and mortars, 13 vehicles, etc.,” she added.
The statement continued, “The air defense shot down a Su-25 in the Donetsk Republic and a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter in the Kharkov region, as well as seven drones and two missiles from Smyrch.”
The statement said: “The missile and artillery forces neutralized up to 200 extremist nationalists during the strikes on 128 command posts, 169 firing positions and 623 concentration areas of Ukrainian forces and military equipment, and 24 units of weapons and military equipment, including the M-howitzer battery, were also destroyed. 777, a 2S7 Pion rifle, a Grad combat vehicle, as well as two ammunition depots.
In total, since the beginning of the operation, 3,363 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 1,744 field artillery and mortars, 1,077 UAVs, 185 combat aircraft, 129 helicopters, etc. were destroyed.

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