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What are the predictions of the Dutch world for earthquakes?

In a confusing video, Dutch seismologist Frank Hogerbets showed a map of the red areas around the world and in the Middle East in particular, where large earthquakes are expected.

The Dutch scientist says that his predictions are based on scientific facts. Minutes after a 5.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in central Turkey, at noon today, Saturday, at a depth of ten kilometers, the famous scientist hurried around the globe, tweeting at his expense by saying: “These are the latest predictions… if you haven’t seen them!”

And he followed that up with another tweet from the geological body that he follows (SSGEOS), in which he said: “The areas surrounding the Arabian plate have a higher probability of risk of strong earthquakes since February 6, 2023 (which is the date of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey). This is a general indicator and not a specific time.” The tweet was accompanied by a map of the area.

Two days ago, Hogrepets released a tweet that sparked a lot of controversy and warned that some seismic activity might occur between the 25th and 26th of February, “but perhaps not significant,” but he warned that “the first week of March will be critical.”

A series of earthquakes struck Turkey in the last period, the strongest of which was on February 6, and resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and the same number of injuries.

However, the strongest of these activities was the earthquake that shook Tajikistan with a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale at about 8:37 on Thursday morning at a depth of 10 kilometers, which agreed with the predictions of Hogrebits, who said before that that the region would be exposed to some seismic activities between February 20 and 22, except That the strongest of them will be on February 22, and perhaps that is what happened in the strong earthquake in Tajikistan, which shook the region near the borders of China.

Returning to his latest tweets, today, Saturday, Hogrepets recalled his previous tweet, to which he attached a video clip from the account of the geological body that he follows (SSGEOS), stressing the possibility of seismic activities that are not great during the days of February 25 and 26, but he warned that the first week of March, Describing it as “would be critical.”

A series of earthquakes struck Turkey in the past period, the strongest of which was on February 6, and resulted in more than 50,000 deaths, between Turkey and Syria, and tens of thousands of wounded.

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