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What did the plateau respond to Naguib Cyrus?

Engineer and businessman Naguib Sawiris, and artist Amr Diab, exchanged messages through their official accounts on “Twitter”, the content of which was confirmation of the strength of the friendship that unites them.

Where the beginning was on the part of Naguib Sawiris, where he published a photo of him with Amr Diab through his account on “Twitter”, and commented saying: “Ten Omar with Amr Diab.”

To respond to “the plateau” in a comment .. “May God perpetuate love.”

Naguib Sawiris presented a segment as a coordinator of songs during one of the concerts he attended a few days ago, amid a great interaction from the attendees who interacted with Sawiris’ singing choices.

On the other hand, Amr Diab released the song “The One Who Walks, Walks” during the past few days, and through it he succeeded in leading the trend of social media platforms, and the song was written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Madian, distributed by Toma, and vocal engineering by Amir Mahrous, and it is the second song of the plateau this summer after Last Eid al-Fitr, he released the song “Hittla’a”.

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