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Yasmine Sabry reveals a secret and talks about platforms

During the symposium held for her on the sidelines of her participation in the Red Sea International Film Festival currently being held in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the artist, Yasmine Sabry, expressed her opinion on many topics such as digital platforms, the roles she hopes to present, and her future works, revealing the secret of broadcasting it for the first time. About the reason for not completing the series “The Legend” with the artist Mohamed Ramadan, which he presented several years ago.
As for her opinion on the digital platforms, Yasmine Sabry said: “There are people in the Delta, the peasants, and the Upper Egypt. It is not useful for me to tell them to subscribe, enter this and pay with a Visa card. I want this audience to have a television. I want to go to it and I do not want to make it difficult for them, and I am worried about the platforms because These people will not go to it, and they are a very large segment in Egypt and among us, and despite the very high development of the platforms, there are still places that do not have the luxury of subscribing to watch, and I do not want to charge anyone, and the advantage of television is that you go to it for free and you will find coffee on the Hawa channel. “And I’m old-fashioned.”
Regarding the roles that she hopes to perform, she says: “The things that are presented to me will remain high-level roles, and boring for me, but I myself play for my people, and the producers see me in this place, and even if they do not see me, I will still do it.”
She also talked about her upcoming works, indicating that she will focus in the coming period on cinema, and is preparing a new film with Peter Mimi about the first Egyptian superhero, adding: “Praise be to God, I have great confidence in my work, and all of my previous works have achieved success and revenues.”
Yasmine Sabry confirmed that she was keen to refine herself in the field of acting, pointing out that she is not a film festival actress and that she considers herself a box office star. She also indicated that she does not consider acting to be the basis of her life, and that she has moved away from acting for the past two years and has been working to develop herself in the fields of… Different, pursuing energy sciences.
She said that her weapon in life is letting go, noting that she believes that life is short and there is no need to exhaust ourselves psychologically for anything, which is what she does in her life, and even in her artistic career.
She said: “The easiest thing for me is to let go. It is a very powerful weapon in life. Life is not easy if someone cuts himself or lives under pressure. Life is small, no matter how long it is.”
Yasmine Sabry also added: “He is supposed to live with respect for himself and have psychological comfort. It is not for the sake of a role that you exhaust yourself psychologically. Why do you deal with people who are difficult or fierce or have a sharp tongue? Why are you so thankful for what is written for you, you will see it whether this or that, and as long as you buy yourself, the world will buy you very much.” “.
She confirmed that she is constantly working on developing herself, explaining that the personality that the public sees on social media is not her true personality, saying: “I discover many things, and as long as a person lives, he must develop himself, like the iPhone every bit in an update. The person must do this in himself in order to know He keeps up with everything, and you must update yourself because the limit of his success may be greater than his psychology.”
She added: “I am, in fact, a very simple, ordinary, very homely, and very calm person, but what appears to people is my work personality, and this is not me.”
Regarding the reason for not completing her role in the series “The Legend” with Mohamed Ramadan, Yasmine Sabry said: “The makers of the series The Legend deleted all my viewers in the series, and I refused to complete filming after the duration of my viewing became 5 minutes.”

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