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You should have these drinks in winter

Winter, with its low temperatures, is considered the season of disease, especially influenza, but there is always something with which the body can resist the diseases that it may face.
Winter is the season of some drinks that help the body to resist seasonal diseases.
Among these drinks are:
1 – Apple with Cinnamon: This drink purifies the body from toxins and supports the immune system, as well as getting rid of digestive problems, and treating sore throats.
2- ginger with lemon
This drink has the ability to boost the immune system, reduce sore throat symptoms and treat colds.
3. Anise
Anise relieves sore throat and sinuses, because it contains anti-inflammatory, and reduces the possibility of stomach ulcers.
4. Soup
It is recommended to eat soup or soup to strengthen the immune system because it contains many nutrients and minerals that the body needs, including vitamins C, E and A, in addition to zinc.
5. Golden Milk
It is a mixture of warm milk and turmeric, which is known to contain antioxidants, which enhances its ability to fight infections, strengthen the immune system, and purify the liver of toxins.

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