Arab achievements in foreign countries

Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi woman who decorated the world

The Iraqi-born British architect, Zaha Hadid, was born in Baghdad and studied there until completing secondary school, then obtained a BA in mathematics from the American University of Beirut in 1971 before traveling to study in Britain, and then opened an office in London in 1979.
The world-renowned architect belongs to an ancient family from Mosul in Iraq, as she was the only daughter of the well-known Iraqi politician and economist, Muhammad Hadid, who held high ministerial positions until 1960, then resigned from his position to return to political activity.
She was the first woman to receive a gold medal from the Royal Institute for Architectural Studies for her overall work.
Hadid enjoyed a wide reputation in Western architectural circles, where she received many awards and honors during her career.
She also participated in the design of some of the most famous buildings in the world, such as the Water Sports Center, which hosted the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and designed buildings in many cities, such as the Opera House in Cardiff, Berlin and Hong Kong.
Hadid also designed a bridge in Zaragoza, Spain, a museum in Glasgow, and an opera house in Guangzhou and Wangzhou in China.
In 2012, she received the title of “Lady”, the highest title granted by the Queen of Britain, in addition to many awards.
Hadid stressed in several television interviews her pride in being an Iraqi Arab, expressing her desire to participate in rebuilding Iraq.
Hadid died at the age of 65 of a heart attack in a hospital in the United States.

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