Strikes a nerve

A child in Gibran’s cradle

We are often preoccupied with securing a decent life and the daily well-being of our children. We express our emotions by fulfilling their requests and ensuring their comfort, and many of us seek to keep our children from bearing the burdens of any responsibility, no matter how simple, and sometimes we blame ourselves for their failure to perform their school duties and always ask if they were In need of special help, such as special lessons and intensive courses, of course, we will not forget the musical and sports activities and other exercises that occupy their spare time, which may give them fun and activity.

Then we ask them to read several pages to develop their love of reading !!

Today, a picture of a boy in the Ouzai region in Lebanon invaded all social networks !!

Because the child under the age of 13 used to work in a store that sells cleaning supplies and was holding a book and reading it whenever possible, and when he approached the glass of the store to sit between plastic barrels in the shop where he worked, he grabbed the book that he accompanied all the time, and one of Gibran’s books Khalil Jubran

This child was not doing homework and was not forced to read. Rather, he worked and while he was resting, he began to read

This child stopped me and asked me a question: Do we make a mistake when we offer them everything on a plate of silver …

The story will not end with a question and an answer so we will continue with later articles …

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