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A loud scandal for Erdogan on the air !!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not miss an occasion to brag about the local Turkish achievements, which are barely remembered after their opening ceremonies, or work on them stops at the inauguration stage, but the new achievement that Erdogan boasted repeatedly before, waiting for the moment of its inauguration, did not wait for the end of the ceremony to prove his inability Rather, the Turkish president and those with him were surprised by failure from the beginning, placing all officials in an embarrassing position during the live broadcast of the ceremony, causing a loud scandal to disable the first “Turkish” helicopter engine when it was turned on, while the officials claimed that someone wanted to sabotage the party.

In the details, the handover ceremony of the first homemade Turkish helicopter was witnessed, the engine failed to start before the eyes of the president and senior officials, and in footage broadcast on Turkish television on the air, the participants in the ceremony tried to operate the home-made Turkish engine, which they celebrated, but to no avail.

The Turkish President asked his Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: “We are now seeing the start of the engine operation … Are we ready, Mr. Hulusi?”, Without receiving a practical response ..

Meanwhile, the general manager of (TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii AŞ) company, in charge of the party, Mahmoud Farouk Aksit, vowed those who caused the situation to be pursued, saying: “We will not forgive those who want to sabotage the party.”

During the ceremony, Erdoga said: “There are those who are trying to undermine our country’s defense industry through the issue of selling the Tank Palette tank factory to Qatar, we will never abandon this goal. First of all, it is a facility that costs only $ 250 million. This factory cost 20 billion dollars. He did not see a factory in his life. Rather, he does not know what 20 billion dollars means. “

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