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Warnings of an “imminent disaster” in America!

Scientists issued an important warning to the residents of California, USA, about the occurrence of a “terrible catastrophe”, caused by a storm, and its consequences may be more dangerous than earthquakes and traditional forest fires in the West Coast.

According to scientists, between three and six meters of rain could fall on the state, and as a result, its largest city will be flooded, where the water may reach a height of 5 meters.

Seismologists said that such a “terrible catastrophe” had already occurred in the winter of 1861-1862, as it created a record number of victims and enormous devastation.

Pointing out that the tragedy could repeat itself and there will be a large number of victims, and at least a million and a half California residents will be evacuated.

Stressing that a huge storm is inevitable, scientists have found through tree rings that over the past 1800 years, the city has experienced at least 6 floods, whose strength exceeded the natural disasters between 1861-1862.

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