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A shocking response from Fares Karam to Myriam Fares

The Lebanese artist Fares Karam responded to the Lebanese singer Myriam Fares’ speech about the concert that brought them together, through his personal account on the social networking site.

Had this and Fares Karam wrote: “I would like to remind you of the days when you were singing with strings and you ran and imagined with me at the end of the night.. and the rest you know very well.
Also, Myriam Fares had responded to his statements in which he described him as an “acidifying psychological”, after the crisis of their picture for their joint concert poster.
As for her meeting, Miriam said: “I heard what he told, and I can’t respond to this level… I have an idea about him that he is a respectable human being, and I was surprised by the story that happened, and the whole story is a big picture and a small picture, a flaw about a flaw.”
She also continued, “I did not expect what this person said because my idea about him was different, and yesterday I asked the party organizers, does Fares know that I chose to be with me at the concert from among the group of artists you showed me? And because he knows I grieved more, so instead of thanking me he says these words, I will not respond to this level”

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