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A wide campaign of solidarity with the Egyptian artist Shaker

Social networking sites and the Arab artistic community are witnessing a wide campaign of solidarity with the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, who submitted his resignation today as the captain of the Egyptian musicians, in which Egyptians and Egyptian and Arab artistic media personalities demanded Shaker retract his decision.

Following the decision, the union members met and decided unanimously to reject Shaker’s resignation, expressing their hope that he would reverse his decision, while he had made press statements confirming that he was determined to devote himself to his personal work and his family more.

The term of Hani Shaker’s presidency of the Syndicate was full of uproar as a result of his opposition to what is known as festival singers and preventing the pioneers of popular songs from presenting a low artistic level in opera houses, in addition to files related to raising compensation and health insurances for Egyptian singers and musicians.

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