Strikes a nerve

Abolition of the death penalty between support and rejection

The death sentence is an issue that has occupied the world circles in the past days …

Several human rights organizations have raised their voices rejecting the death penalty for a person, no matter how bad his crime is .. 

The proposals of those organizations fluctuated between those who supported the abolition of the death penalty and those who considered the abolition of the penalty to encourage the commission of crimes that are legally classified under the felony of felony, such as the felony of intentional homicide, but it seems that Trump, the US President, has another opinion because he issued several rulings for direct implementation that preceded and ruled by the American judiciary. The death penalty for the perpetrators …

But the sensitive issue that stirred public opinion is the verdict of a young man who committed a murder at the age of eighteen since 1999, and the strange thing is that the implementation of the verdict was issued in the last days of Trump’s rule, and this matter has been repeated in the past days when Trump issued an executive order against four preceded They were previously sentenced to death even though the law does not give the president the authority to carry out death sentences before his departure, which is why the media circles move to criticize Trump’s decisions at a time when Biden announced his refusal to implement those sanctions ..

Thus, the competition between Biden and Trump continues during the short term that gives Trump the right to act as president of the United States of America

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