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America warns Israel


An American report said that Washington had warned Israel that the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities was “totally ineffective.”
This was stated in a report published by the American newspaper “
Media: Israel is arming advanced missiles in preparation for confronting Iran
US intelligence and international nuclear inspectors claim that Tehran was able to quickly improve Iran’s nuclear facilities attacked by Israel, which had hoped to disrupt production of centrifuges and delay Iran’s access to the bomb.

According to the sources, “the Iranians have installed new machines that can enrich uranium at a much faster rate. A senior US official described the program to rehabilitate Iranian facilities as “building back better.”

According to the report, the US warned Israel in behind-the-scenes discussions that the repeated attacks on nuclear facilities were tactically satisfactory – but ultimately led to the opposite outcome.

Officials in Israel said their country had no intention of softening its approach against Iran, and they rejected US allegations that the attacks encourage reconstruction that helps accelerate the nuclear program.

The newspaper said that the Israeli approach to the use of force against the Iranian nuclear program – contradicts the program of the Americans who support diplomacy.

This report comes against the backdrop of the imminent resumption of nuclear talks at the end of this month in Vienna, to revive the agreement signed by the major powers with Iran in 2015, and Washington withdrew from it in 2018 under former President Donald Trump.

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