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Amr Diab in an exceptional party

The artist Amr Diab performed a concert in the new city of El Alamein, and was received by a large audience who attended the ceremony and waited for hours for the Egyptian star to rise on the stage.

Amr Diab opened his concert with a short video showing his long singing career, which began in the eighties until now, to the tunes of one of his most famous songs, “I am no matter how old I am”.

Amr Diab opened the ceremony with the song “Ya Anna Ya La”, which the audience welcomed by singing with him, to present a group of his latest works, including the song “Paris” that he presented in the last period, in addition to the song “Time of Courtesy”, and Amr Diab also starred in singing. . Watch “that ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, who chanted her words with the Egyptian star.

Aziz El Shafei, the famous composer and distributor, also appeared on stage at Amr Diab’s concert and sang with him. Amr Diab also presented, through his account on “Instagram”, during his concert, a group of his most beautiful lyrical works, including the song “Gammarin”, and Amr Diab’s audience on social networking sites republished many videos from the concert.

A few days ago, Amr Diab performed a special party on the northern coast, attended by a number of art stars who spend their vacation there, including artist Mohamed Lotfi, producer Tamer Morsi, and his wife Nisreen Imam, and the latter was keen on that. And they shared her photos with her friends with her friends while they were at the party, all the attendees were star Yasmine Abdel Aziz and her husband Ahmed Al-Awadi.

Amr diab

In the past few days, Amr Diab also celebrated setting a new record, after the percentage of listening to his songs on the “Anghami” platform reached one billion listeners, thus becoming the first Arab artist to reach this number, and Amr Diab published a new record. In the video, through his account on “Instagram” to celebrate this number and achievement, he commented with “Anghami” on this number and said: “Amr Diab is the first Arab artist to exceed one billion streams on Anghami,” after his recent contract with Anghami. To display his singing works exclusively.

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