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Ansu Fati is worried about his future with Barcelona

A problem arose in the Ansu Fati family’s home after his father’s statement, Buri, on Tuesday, which revealed his anger at the lack of participation of his son, while the player was angry at his father’s statements that came while the latter was asleep.

Bori Fati, Ansu’s father, said to Radio Cadena Kobe on Tuesday evening: It bothers me how they treat my son regarding the number of minutes they give him (on the field), one minute, two minutes, three minutes, and this is what bothers me. I wouldn’t say he should start no matter what, because all the strikers are great, they’re elite, but we’re talking about Ansu Fati. About an international Spanish player, about the number 10 in Barcelona, ​​about a young man coming from the La Masia Academy.

However, the player was very angry at his father’s statements and his tone of voice in the interview, as he did not agree with him in his attack on coach Xavi Hernandez and the Barcelona administration, and the matter was that these statements came at the time of his sleep.

Confirming this in the interview, Buri Fati said: Ansu does not hear me, because the house is large and he is sleeping now, and I am sure that he does not agree with what I said.

And the Spanish network said on Wednesday: Ansu is working hard to restore his level, he is committed to the club and wants to achieve success in the Barcelona shirt, which gave him the number 10 and was patient with him when he was suffering from injury, and the last thing he wishes is to get into trouble with his coach and club management.

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