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Assassination of human rights in Doha airport

The assassination of the sanctity of women in Doha airport under the pretext of revealing the motherhood of a newborn child. Some workers at Doha airport found a newborn child lying in an airport bathroom, and as soon as the relevant authorities learned, they imposed brutal gynecological checks on women who were on several flights !!

Women who have been subjected to violence described these examinations as being like a brutal rape without taking into account their rights by refusing or accepting those types of examinations that cannot be imposed on anyone within the human rights provisions !!

The relevant Qatari authorities in Doha justified their behavior on the necessity to reveal the mother who abandoned her child, to increase those statements from the global wave of criticism, especially Britain, which a woman among her subjects suffered from the psychological and physical effects as a result of those forced examinations, and the regret that emerged from the concerned authorities in Doha was not enough To override the official and public apology for the actions of an authority in the State of Qatar.

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