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Avoid this food for breakfast, but over forty

Western websites have indicated that those over the age of forty should not eat a certain group of foods.
The newspaper quoted the website, today, Tuesday, warning against eating foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, such as sweetened cereals, processed pastries and sweet cakes, as they are low in fat and proteins. It requires very few calories for digestion, compared to the high calorie intake.
The expert also stressed the need to eat a nutritious and balanced breakfast for every person who has reached the age of forty, as this morning meal is the best way to maintain the metabolic rate of those over the age of forty.
Heather Ryle also explained that this type of meal does not contribute to weight loss, as it increases the feeling of hunger after a short period due to blood sugar fluctuations, which means an increase in human weight. She urged the nutrition expert, Heather Ryle, to eat a balanced breakfast, Provided that it contains carbohydrates, protein and fats, especially for women over the age of forty”, such as eggs and toast.

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