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Bassam Koussa is a criminal in The Stranger

Through a new work, the Syrian star Bassam Koussa, who presents the character of “Youssef”, the honest judge, turns into a criminal, and is forced to circumvent the law in order to save his son, within the events of the social drama “Al-Gharib”, written, screenplay and dialogue by Lobna Haddad and Lana Al-Jundi and directed by Sophie Boutros.
In addition to Bassam Koussa, the work includes a group of actors, including: Farah Bseiso, Saeed Sarhan, Muhammad Aqeel, Sandy Nahhas, Adam Al-Shami, Jamal Qabsh, Nazem Issa, Salma Shalabi, Rabih Ahmar, Joy Hallaq, Muhammad Hussein, Maya Yazji, Yara Zakhour, and guests of honor: Laila Sammour, Ahmed Melli, Kamil Youssef, Mona Karim, Shadi Shams, Ali Sammour, Yamen Shuqair, and Yazan Rishani.
The story begins when “Rami”, the son of Judge “Youssef” (Bassam Koussa), is accused of killing “Ihab”, the son of a wealthy man known for his robbery, suspicious trade, and frequent outlaws. “Rami” confesses to his father about his act, so the latter decides to hand him over to the police, but he quickly changes his decision after realizing that the father of the murdered young man will inevitably transgress the law, avenge his son, and seek to liquidate “Rami.” Then, the judge begins to search for a solution to save his son, will he be able to do so? Will the family enjoy inner peace and tranquility after this crime, or will their life turn into hell?

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