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Biden puts pressure on the United States

On Monday, US President Joe Biden put pressure on states and local communities to prevent the eviction of renters who default on their rent due to the health crisis, from their homes.
Biden told all states and local communities to take measures to protect renters “for at least the next two months.”
The White House is seeking, in particular, to speed up the receipt of tenants the funds allocated by the Biden administration last February to help them pay their rent. It also seeks to “explore all means available to the federal government, to put pressure on states and local communities” to distribute these funds.
A number of states in the country have already taken measures to protect residents through the end of the month, which includes about a third of American renters, but White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stressed the need to “move” in other states.
The money is paid to the mandated states and communities, after which the aid is distributed to families. However, this requires the establishment of advanced systems for receiving applications, verifying the status of individuals, and paying money, among others.
Thus, out of the $46 billion approved by the government, only $3 billion reached households.
The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, an independent research institute, estimates that more than 10 million people have defaulted on their rent.
The results of a study by the Statistics Office, which included 51 million tenants in early July, indicate that about 3.6 million tenants consider themselves threatened with eviction from their homes within two months.
Last Saturday midnight, the deadline for suspending evictions of tenants, which had been extended several times, expired. That deadline was given for health reasons related to the Corona pandemic.

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