Strikes a nerve

Billions of dollars are in the pockets of officials

On this day, General Michel Aoun entered the presidential palace as president of the republic, and today it has been four years since he was president.
This memory was an occasion for broadcasting media poisons on various TV screens !! Some of them blamed the President of the Republic and his supporters for all the economic and political collapse and other devastating events that took place, while others supported President Aoun’s achievements and showed him in the place of the only savior and accused the other parties of obstruction !!

Away from politics, as you knew us, closer to the homeland, as we pledged, we ask where are the achievements of the Aounist era that the opponent awaited before the supporter !!

And if the wand of magic accomplishments is in the hands of the other partisan parties, why did you not appear so far while you are part of the ruling power with Aoun as President of the Republic or with the presence of someone else ??

Why are you still among the ranks of the spectators while Lebanon sinks ??

Aside from politics, all parties are guilty of killing Lebanon, and all parties are involved in the crime of assassinating the homeland. The blame does not fall on the shoulders of four years ago or a government that did not last more than several months.

The neutrality of a few media outlets showed a scandal or rather horrors that went back more than thirty years and continued until Lebanon reached what it is now. The Corrupt Governance Program declared billions of dollars that came to Lebanon in the form of grants to Lebanon that became in the private pockets of officials !!

Donations of billions of dollars unregistered !! There is no information on how to spend it !!

Since 2006, a gift entered Lebanon with an amount of 800 thousand dollars. There is nothing in the debate about the use of only 150 thousand dollars. As for the rest of the gift, we may need someone who reads the palm to know which hand has infiltrated and gained from the gift !!

A gift for financial reform transferred to the Relief Commission !!

Loss of a lot of records and financial documents !! See who is the perpetrator and who benefits !!

Anarchy, favoritism and immunities have secured the way for money to be smuggled out of Lebanon for 30 years !!

The explosion of the ports is a danger threatening Lebanon seven years ago !!

So it is time to get out from under the accusation table and sit side by side at the table of valid judicial accountability, away from any political pressures or diplomatic immunities.

The judiciary is now the master of the situation to reach the truth that the opponents summarized to four years, but the situation today brings us back to the beginning of the crisis, and we all have to bear the responsibility.

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