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Chinese army prepares for war

A Chinese newspaper has revealed that the Chinese army is preparing for a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait.
The Global Times indicated: “Japan and the United States of America are discussing plans to intervene in the Taiwan issue, and therefore the Chinese army will conduct more military exercises, taking into account the possibility of a worst-case scenario.”
In addition, the Chinese army has recently carried out three large training projects near the island of Taiwan.
Military expert Song Junping told the newspaper that the Chinese army is now preparing for the possibility of a military conflict.
On Wednesday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman warned the United States against supporting separatist forces on the island of Taiwan.
The spokeswoman of the State Council Office of the People’s Republic of China announced that her country is ready to make efforts to restore unity with the island of Taiwan peacefully, but will not give up the possibility of using force against external interference and separatists who insist on the island’s independence.

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