Chinese zodiac


The Chinese zodiac is based on traditional astronomy and calendars. The ancient Chinese knew twelve energies that circulate in the universe and each year one energies applied in the universe and the duration of the energy is a full lunar year, and everyone who is born in one year is distinguished by different natures and morals.

– Rat: (2008-2008-1996-1984-1972-1960-1948-1936-1924-1912-1900) a lover of nature and luxury, and his symbol is life or nature
– Taurus: (2021-2009-1997-1985-1973-1961-1949-1937-1925-1913-1901) energetic and pessimistic and its symbol is Earth
– Tiger: (2022-2010-1998-1986-1974-1962-1950-1938-1926-1914-1902) liberal, cautious and its symbol of freedom
– Rabbit: (2023-2011-1999-1987-1975-1963-1951-1939-1927-1915-1903) stubborn and contemplative and its symbol is the moon
The Dragon: (2024-2012-2000-1988-1976-1964-1952-1940-1928-1916-1904) is a daredevil, a dreamer, symbolized by fire.
Snake: (2025-2013-2001-1989-1977-1965-1953-1941-1929-1917-1905) Doubtful and wise and its symbol is wisdom
The Horse: (2026-2014-2002-1990-1978-1966-1954-1942-1930-1918-1906) inquisitive, talkative, and its symbol is air.
– The Sheep Tower: (2027-2015-2003-1991-1979-1967-1955-1943-1931-1919-1907) rebellious and optimistic and its symbol of war
– Monkey: (2028-2016-2004-1992-1980-1968-1956-1944-1932-1920-1908) fun and adventurous and its symbol is metal
– Rooster: (2029-2017-2005-1993-1981-1969-1957-1945-1933-1921-1909) arrogant and organized, and its symbol is the sun
The Dog: (2030-2018-2006-1994-1982-1970-1958-1946-1934-1922-1910) faithful and loyal and his symbol of peace
– Pig: (2031-2019-2007-1995-1983-1971-1959-1947-1935-1923-1911) educated, kind-hearted, and symbolized by water

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