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City and Liverpool take advantage of Chelsea’s predicament

Chelsea are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of young star Mason Mount, as the Blues fear his departure due to the current situation of the team.

According to the British newspaper, Chelsea fears that Mont will leave the ranks of either Liverpool or Manchester City, due to the crisis that the Blues are experiencing regarding the club’s owners.

Mount is one of the lowest-paid stars in the team, earning 70,000 pounds per week, and has two years left on his contract with Chelsea, but the penalties imposed on the club prevent him from offering him a new contract.

Liverpool and Manchester City are closely monitoring the situation, and Chelsea are increasingly concerned about the possibility of him leaving for a big contract.

Mount signed his current contract with Chelsea in 2019, before joining the first team.

The Blues were planning to renew his contract with a long-term contract until the penalties imposed on his owner prevented him from doing so

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