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US base transfers equipment to northern Syria

In Syria, the American forces are transferring military equipment and supplies to their main base in the city of Al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of Hasaka in northern Syria, before some of them are transferred to the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor and the countryside of Raqqa, where a new American base was recently established.
And private sources told Sputnik agency, today, Wednesday, that “the American forces transferred military and logistical equipment from their base in Tal Baidar on the road to the countryside of the northwestern countryside of Hasaka via the international road, and then passing through the city of Hasaka to its main base in Syria in the city of Al-Shaddadi (southern Hasaka countryside).” .

The sources also indicated that the convoy, which passed this morning, included “armored cars, American-made cannons, fuel tanks and various ammunition,” noting that an American helicopter was escorting the convoy, in addition to a number of armored vehicles.

The same sources also revealed that “the American forces are assembling weapons and equipment at Al-Shaddadi base in preparation for transferring some of them to the bases of the international coalition (against ISIS terrorist organization) in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and some equipment will be transferred to the countryside of Raqqa, where a new American base was established during the last period.” .
Al-Shaddadi base, located in the residences of the Jabsa oil fields in the southern countryside of Hasaka, is considered a strategic base for the American forces with the presence of American officers and the most important stores of weapons and fuel.
The base contains a helipad and a military airstrip that was paved last year. The militants of ISIS (the terrorist banned in Russia and a large number of countries) are transferred from Hasaka to it, where they are transported by planes to the American bases in Iraq to unknown destinations.

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