Strikes a nerve

Defective democracy …!

America is facing itself

The matter was spent and the incident occurred!

Americans, and indeed those who consider themselves (the soul of America), storm the Capitol building, smashing its windows, opening its doors open on its shutters, and scattering its hallways and halls, tampering with its furniture, ridiculing its documents, minutes of sessions and folders, and pushing (their representatives) into hiding.

They were in a live and field show in a game that transcended the laws and traditions of American politics, in (its deep state), expressed by the image in which one of them sat on the chair of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, raising his feet above her desk, in a snapshot you might think for a moment that it is from a movie Clint Eastwood Championship!

With the moment (the rebels, the protesters … what do we call them? Perhaps they are: the Trumpians?), The building in which the chapters of (the democratic game) revolve, since the first session of Congress in it, on November 17, 1800, it seemed as if America’s (roots) began to stiffen, and her body It began to crack, and with the exit (of the revolutionaries?) And the end of their tumultuous visit, the masters of the (Capitol) recovered what had been kidnapped from them for short hours, but to rise on the mast of the dome that was not topped by anything in Washington, big questions and deep questions deep in the founding roots of this mighty entity: America.

On September 11, 2001, the New York towers fell, and their place immediately rose. Questions that formed the center upon which it was built, not only the strategies through which Washington’s governments practiced their policies in the world, but also the general American culture was reconstructed with answers to these questions, the first of which was: Why do they hate us ?

Formulating the question, you decide in advance that (they) hate (us). but why?

America sees her personality, history, behavior, and (itself) only as a superior historical exception. So the research that will end in reaching an answer to the question, will be outside this (self), outside America, so the question does not allow us to discuss whether America caused (these), what led them to hate it? Start.

The question imposes the only definitive answer: (They) hate us, because we are (Americans).

January 6, 2021, the day Chuck Chumer, the leader of the Democratic majority, said: “January 6 will be one of the darkest days in American history.” On this day, the September 11 questions will be pushed back, and a new, alternative and unusual question will be presented that will pit America against itself:

Why are we denying it (we hate each other)?

So, America is confronted with the fact that some of them hate each other, but why?

Here, America sees itself facing itself, facing its history and its future at the same time. It is unavoidable to search here about this self until you reach the answer, or else it will enter into a loss that is one of the features and situations of those struggling states and societies, which America often viewed as (imperfect states) handicapped!

Self-denial, in its main sense, refers to the contradiction associated with the perception and content of national identity, i.e. it is a contradiction from an existential / fateful level. The (we) expressing a single identity is being split into a dichotomy (we – we), with each of them dying to look at the other with (them), and as the contradiction develops into a field conflict, America will face its most dangerous questions at all:

Who is an American?

In its history, who was it? And who is it in its present? And in her future, who will it be?

Certainly, democracy and its funds have not been able to control pluralism, and have reached a contradictory degree, and perhaps that is what made Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s campaign manager and holder of the title of (Mayor of America) the result of his courage in facing the events of September 11, when he was serving as mayor of New York. … Rudy Giuliani says, hours before the storming of the Capitol, “The dispute must be resolved on the battlefield). This directly means that American democracy is powerless in the face of this contradiction? And that the Democracy Fund can be expanded – not in America alone – for (different), but it cannot accommodate (contradictors)? And because of that, the battle moves from (the election box) to the field?

There is an intentional mistake in looking at Donald Trump as (an idiot / imbecile !!), as he did not come to the White House on the back of a tank, but whoever brought him is nothing but the oldest democracy fund in the modern world? Which America chose him? In the last elections, he won more than 70 million votes, and because he is a loser, it is said that half of America is behind him, as he is not alone, and the battle is not his alone, and whether or not the Democratic Congress manages to exclude him from the political scene or not, the prospects for the battle will remain open.

Since the American Civil War (1861-1865), America has not faced itself in this way, so does it dare to research its characteristics, the content of its identity and its history, and come up with the answer that preserves its democracy and its election funds, or ignore, and leave the solution of the dispute to the field?

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