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Do you succeed the expectations of the Dutch world?

Controversial Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebits predicted an earthquake on March 7, as the US Geological Survey announced today, Tuesday, that a 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck the southern Philippines, while local authorities warned of aftershocks and potential damage.

The quake occurred around 2:00 pm (06:00 GMT) in the mountainous province of Davao de Oro on the island of Mindanao.

“We felt the tremor, but no damage occurred,” he stressed.

Policewoman Stephanie Clément from Tagum, 40 km from Maragosan, said the quake lasted about 30 seconds and was followed by aftershocks.

“We immediately took cover under our offices, and when the ground stopped shaking, we got out” of the building, she added. “We are still outside because a moderate aftershock just occurred,” she added.

Clement also noted that the quake, which did not appear to have destroyed anything, was strong enough to “create fear”.

In turn, Phoebe Alberto and her colleagues at the disaster agency in the town of New Bataan, adjacent to Maragosan, fled the building as it shook. “We are still assessing the potential damage that may have been caused to the building,” she said.

This earthquake comes a day after the Dutch seismologist Frank Hogrebits predicted yesterday, Monday, that there is a high probability of a strong earthquake on March 7,

Hogrbit became famous after the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, after it had published an earthquake warning 3 days before it occurred.

It is noteworthy that many experts and studies had previously confirmed that it is not possible to predict the date of earthquakes, although it is possible to determine their location based on the history of regions and their location on seismic activity plates around the world.

The Philippines witnesses almost daily tremors due to its location on the “Ring of Fire”, which causes seismic and volcanic activity and extends from Japan through Southeast Asia and the Pacific basin.

The last major earthquake occurred in October in the northern Philippines. The 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the mountain town of Dolores in Apra province, injuring many people, damaging buildings and cutting power to most of the area.

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