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Abbas Al-Nouri responds to Rasha Sharbatji

The Syrian artist, Abbas Al-Nouri, responded to the words of praise addressed to him by the Syrian director, Rasha Sharbatji, due to his different performance in each role he presented.

Abbas Al-Nouri said through a special post, which he posted on his official account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “In the scenes, some mutter that the actor must limit his effort to what is required of the paper in its direct form, or what the actor receives from the directives of the directors, and they consider that giving any opinion or suggestion Or an idea that is a riot added to the troubles of work, and perhaps a lot of domination.

He also added: “My conviction, which I inherited from the experiences of the great masters in theater and other arts in which I went through my experiences, is that drama arose from the concept of cooperation, and you cannot and will not live without it, and you will continue to see all successes with this cooperation.. Just as one hand cannot clap, so no artist can succeed without it.” A partner (!!).. Perhaps the most important partner in making success is the director.

At the end of his post, he thanked the director, Rasha, for her cooperation with him and her respect for his ideas, saying: “Thank you to the creative and wonderful partner, Rasha Sharbatji, and I hope to achieve with you some of the passion that dwells in love and respect.”

The Syrian director, Rasha Sharbatji, praised the performance of the Syrian artist, Abbas Al-Nouri, the hero of the series “Jam Al-Ezz”, which will be shown next Ramadan 2023.

Rasha Sharbatji published a picture of the poster of the artist Abbas Al-Nouri, who embodies the character “Sheikh Malik” in the work, and attached it with words of praise and admiration.

Rasha wrote in her comment on the photo, which she posted on her official Facebook page: “A different personality will be presented by the able artist Abbas Al-Nuri, who is able to create very distinctive details in every role he presents.. He is a true partner in any project in which he will be a star. He cares about every small detail, with accessories, With the look, with the make-up, and checking on every sentence and every moment, and of course his performance was present at every moment.. Sheikh Malik will be loved by the people of the neighborhood, and we hope you also love him.”

The series “Jam Al-Ezz” written by Ali Moin Saleh, directed by Rasha Sharbatji, and produced by MBC. A group of Syrian drama stars will participate in the series, including Abbas Al-Nouri, Amal Arafa, Mahmoud Nasr, Khaled Al-Qish, Wafa Mousalli, Osama Al-Romani, Nadine Khoury, Nadine Tahsinbek. Fadi Sobeih, and many others.

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