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Fadi Al-Hashem from the criminal court to !!! ???

The case of the artist Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, is sweeping the air again after the issuance of the indictment issued by the criminal court against Fadi Al-Hashem to convict him of the crime of murder based on Article 547 of the Penal Code, but the judge transferred the case of the felony of murder based on Article 28, which exempts Fadi Al-Hashem from the criminal offense Deliberate murder on the pretext of self-defense, noting that the case is usually referred to the criminal court in case it is proven that the felony occurred and that resorting to Article 28, which includes exempting the accused from the felony of murder in the case of self-defense if the act of the accused coincides with the act of the transgressor, but the 18 bullets that It was fired from Fadi Al-Hashem’s pistol. Is it parallel to a thief who entered Ajram’s house with a toy pistol !!

Or did Fadi Al-Hashem’s act parallels with the racism of the economic situation that did not spare the poor from theft and would not spare him from death, once with pistol bullets and once with bullets of suspicion, followed by an exemption according to the law of the jungle or the law, because the exemption was based on al-Hashem’s fear and emotional tension that prevented him from seeing and controlling his nerves But his nervousness did not prevent him from fearing for his daughters from the sound of eighteen bullets and the death of a man covered in blood before the eyes of Al-Hashem’s daughters !!

There are many sayings and judgments, and between our sympathy for the murdered man with the puppet gun, and our love and fear for the artist Nancy Ajram. The appeal of humanity remains stronger to put us before several questions that we may not find the answer to between the lines of the legal articles, but tomorrow may hold the decisive answer from the angle of destiny governed by the justice of heaven that reflects I saw her a reality to come.

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