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Fighters and warships near Taiwan

Chinese warplanes flew in several areas near the “middle line” separating China and Taiwan in the sea strait, on Tuesday morning, while Chinese warships remained close to this line.

An informed source indicated that Taiwan sent planes to monitor the situation.

These developments come with the escalation of tension between Washington and Beijing, after news of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s readiness to visit Taiwan on Tuesday, which China considered an interference in its internal affairs, as it considers Taiwan an integral part of its territory.

Chinese envoy to the United Nations Zhang Jun said today that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will undermine security and stability as well as US-China relations.

Zhang Jun said, “A visit by Pelosi or any White House official to Taiwan would be a dangerous and provocative act, and would undermine security and stability as well as US-China relations.”

Jun also stressed that “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory.”

In a related context, the US National Security Council said that it “expects Beijing to use provocative language due to the lack of transparency,” accusing it of escalating its threats, contrary to the American position.

And US media reported, “Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit Taiwan today, and spend the night in Taipei.”

On Monday, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi began her Asian tour, visiting Singapore, and met with a number of officials there.

Relations between America and China are tense, against the backdrop of the dispute between the two countries over the status of Taiwan, which China considers an inalienable part of its territory.

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