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Russia: Taiwan is an internal Chinese issue

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry revealed that the settlement of the situation in the Taiwan Strait is an internal Chinese issue, and UNMOSCO adheres to the “one-China” principle.

“We consider the possible visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan as another provocative act of the US administration that wants to put additional pressure on Beijing,” Zakharova said at a press conference.

“We regard the settlement of the situation in the Taiwan Strait as a purely internal matter for China. Of course, as a country in the Asia-Pacific region, Russia hopes that the Taiwan issue will be resolved without compromising peace and stability in the region,” she said.

For her part, Zakharova stressed that Moscow’s position on the “one China” is clear, and she continued: “The government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government that represents all of China, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.”

It is also indicated that Pelosi may arrive in Taiwan on Tuesday evening, and the threatening message was sent in the morning, and he wrote in the text of the message that “to prevent the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, three explosive devices were planted at the airport,” according to the newspaper, “Huanqiu Chibao.” “.

The airport management immediately notified the Airport Security Department, the Ministry of Transportation, the Civil Aviation Administration, the police and law enforcement agencies.

The evacuation of the airport has not been announced, but staff are urged to show the utmost vigilance.

Earlier, Taiwan media reported that Pelosi, who is leading a US delegation, should land between 21.00 and 22.30 on Tuesday local time (12.00 – 15.30 GMT) at Taipei’s Songshan Airport, then spend the night at the Grand Hotel, and in the morning On Wednesday, she will visit Taiwan’s parliament, where she will meet with the island’s leaders.

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