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For the first time Saudi Arabia celebrates Halloween

An American newspaper reported in a report that the Saudi capital, Riyadh, celebrated Halloween this year in a remarkable and distinctive way for the first time, noting that this indicates major changes in Saudi society.

The American newspaper stated that the Halloween celebrations in Saudi Arabia confirm the occurrence of major changes, as the authorities had previously arrested everyone who tried to revive this event.

The newspaper also noted that the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is behind all entertainment and openness projects in the Kingdom.

She continued, “In private, some Saudis complain that the entertainment payment appears to be a distraction from economic challenges, such as high youth unemployment, and political challenges such as the lack of freedom of expression.”

As according to the newspaper, “These changes have left some Saudis dumbfounded, others angry, as the country is almost unrecognizable to foreigners and citizens alike.”

In a related context, the city of Riyadh witnessed Halloween celebrations in Saudi Arabia, during which the revelers wore different costumes.

And pioneers circulated on social networking sites various videos and photos of the ceremony, which caused a sensation in Saudi society.

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