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Fresh water production with new technology

Russian scientists have devised a unique technology to purify water and air from organic pollutants, which will help fill the growing shortage of fresh water.

The Center for Competence of Digital Materials Science: New and New Materials (NTI) of Bauman State Technical University in the Russian capital, Moscow, was quoted as saying that a technology has been developed for the production of composite sorbent materials based on graphene oxide – ultra-waterproof aerobic materials that will be used to purify water and air from organic pollutants. .

The center added that among these pollutants are dyes, solvents and other chemical waste from light industry companies, which will help the technology to fill the growing shortage of fresh water.

In the future, the scientists plan under the project, to improve the composition and structure of the antenna in particular, scientists will add silver nanoparticles to it to produce a bactericidal.

The message says that the development will enter the market in 2025-2026, and the cost of the product is still unknown

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