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From normalization to drugs !!

It was not long after the announcement of the normalization agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, which was seen by the officials of the two countries as an important economic gateway for both sides, but apparently this was not the view of political officials and investors only, but also the view of the “drug traffickers”, who were quick To celebrate normalization in their own way, achieving benefits before everyone else.

The Hebrew Channel (12) revealed in a report under the title “Drug deals and real estate worth millions: Israeli criminals discovered Dubai,” and according to a senior security source, many drug dealers and leaders of crime organizations in Israel have begun to transfer their businesses to the Arab country.

“It was a matter of time,” the channel said, “but now that the airspace with the UAE has been opened to everyone, the Israeli criminals have also discovered the huge economic market in Dubai.”

She added, “The heads of criminal organizations in Israel have recently started working in Dubai and have participated in international drug deals as well as buying real estate in the country, and some of them cooperate with Jewish criminals living in Israel.”

The channel quoted a senior Israeli police officer, whose name was not mentioned: “These people work through agents who sent them to the Emirates or traveled themselves to conclude deals worth tens of millions of dollars.”

He added that these criminals “impersonate Israeli businessmen and conceal the fact that they are dangerous criminals. Here we are talking about buying real estate and partnerships in food and hotel projects, as well as trafficking in cocaine. It was also clear that the criminals would discover Dubai, and through agents who would launder money. Which they collected in Israel. “

He continued, “I suggest to all these Israeli criminals not to get involved in drug deals in Dubai, because if they are arrested they may be thrown in prison for many years, and if the talk is about large quantities of cocaine, it could end with execution.”

“We have been collecting information about the Israelis who have been working there for more than a month, and are analyzing it in order to reach them or their agents. We believe that these criminals launder hundreds of millions of dollars in Dubai, and we will do our best to stop them.”

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