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Revealing Maradona’s hidden “treasure”

Long years of fame and riches lived by the late Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, but no one had ever managed to count the late’s fortune. After his death, Argentine media revealed the unveiling of the “hidden treasure reserved”, in the Argentinian town of Picard.

The reports said that in a storage place in the town of Picard, there is a hidden treasure reserved, belonging to Maradona, in which things traveled from Dubai to a stop after the late star’s experience with training the Emirati club Fujairah stopped, and those things represent the dream of every football fan.

She explained that “Maradona after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, his department did his work after him for all that remained in the Emirates and collected them in Argentina, noting that” among the luxury cars that Maradona owned was one model Rolls-Royce Ghost with a value of 300 thousand euros, and a BMW at a price 145 thousand.

Explaining, “After the death of Maradona, his lawyer, Matthias Morla, summoned the notary office to document them, and the store was closed and she remained in detention until the start of the legal procedures for determining the inheritance,” confirming that there are about 200 items, and its value is impossible to calculate, for example Maradona’s shirt bearing the number 10. .

Matthias said, “They will take an inventory of these gifts to establish a museum that collects the belongings of the late soccer star.” It has not been mentioned yet whether this will be carried out under the supervision of the lawyer, the family, or the government.

Among the holdings are a letter written by the late Cuban President Fidel Castro, the guitar with which Andres Calamaru wrote his song for Maradona, in addition to a gift sent to him by former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, and luxurious armchairs he owned in his palace in Dubai, which are gifts from the sheikhs of the Emirates.

And balls of all shapes and colors from Napoli, Boca and Barcelona, ​​the Xeneize jacket signed by Maradona, two shirts signed for Manchester City, another gift from the Brazilian national team, and a gift from the Brazilian star Ronaldo, in addition to the clothes he used in special stations in his life, such as the clothes he attended. Award ceremonies, the animal-printed pajamas that he celebrated his birthday in 2016, a jacket with a silhouette on the back and the number 10, in addition to unique shirts, like one printed with his image and the word legend.

Some of the shoes that were given to him by different sports stars were also found, from a Lioness shirt by a field hockey team and a plate provided to him by the International Football Association “FIFA” during the World Cup Russia 2018.

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