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Germany announces its gas plan

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck revealed that Berlin launched the second phase of the plan to reduce gas consumption in light of the continuing Ukrainian crisis.

“Gas in Germany is a scarce commodity,” Habeck said at a press conference.

According to the minister, the authorities plan to introduce an “auction savings model” that will allow industry companies to buy fuel again. At the same time, the government expects to provide a reward system for rejecting gas.

German officials stressed that gas tanks currently 58% full may not be fully filled, before the winter heating season, if Russia cuts supplies taking advantage of the annual maintenance of the main export pipeline Nord Stream “NS1”.

German officials are also concerned that Gazprom, the Russian state-owned gas giant, may halt gas deliveries completely while NS1 is closed for repairs, undermining Germany’s efforts to fill gas stocks ahead of the winter heating season, according to the German newspaper.

The transition to the second stage of the three-stage plan took place against the background of reduced supplies from Gazprom, which the Russian state corporation linked to the difficulties that arose with the repair of equipment due to sanctions. Additionally, the day before, the Financial Times reported that Berlin feared a complete shutdown of supply during the summer maintenance of the Nord Stream pipeline.

This spring, Berlin began implementing a three-phase emergency plan for the gas sector. In the first stage, the authorities establish a coordination headquarters and monitor the rate of filling of natural reservoirs. In the second stage, a state of high alert is introduced, where companies can still decide for themselves how much to reduce consumption and how much additional to purchase or choose from UGS facilities. At the last stage, the emergency system was introduced, which allows the state, represented by the Federal Network Agency, to allocate resources.

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