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Great alert and violent confrontations in the Negev prison between the jailers and the prisoners

The Prisoners’ Club revealed that a state of great alertness was announced in the “Negev” prison after the fire in Section 6, in refusal to abuse, threaten and escalate the attacks carried out by the Israeli Prisons Administration against them.
The Prisoners Authority stated: “The repression units are currently storming several sections of the Negev prison amidst a state of extreme tension and news of a fire in Section 6 of the prison, in which prisoners from Islamic Jihad and Fatah are languishing.”
Sources talk about setting fire to four rooms inside Section 6.
The escalation of the confrontation in the prisons is linked to the attack on the Islamic Jihad organization, as the Prison Authority tried to disperse the prisoners of Jihad and distribute them to the prisons, in addition to the “punitive” measures that were imposed on the prisoners.
Earlier in the day, the Palestinian Prisoners Information Office reported that “the repression units of the Israeli Prisons Administration carried out, on Tuesday night, a fierce attack using gas against the prisoners of Section 3 in Gilboa Prison.”
The office indicated that severe tension prevails in the prison until now, after 6 Palestinian prisoners escaped from this prison through a tunnel.
The Palestinian Prisoners Club confirmed that the Israeli forces began a campaign of arrests for the relatives of the six prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison.

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