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Has Washington storm subsided?

The Washington storm did not begin to subside, but rather it is a rehearsal for upcoming works that may change the location of the event.

With the US economy declining to less than half and the vacancies from their owners, how can a businessman like Trump not conclude the tragic situation that the US states will accept during the next four years.

Trump does not want to stay in the White House because he is fully aware that the next stage will destroy the position of the president, whoever he is.

What we will see later in terms of a translation of the facts during the near future may prove Trump’s political acumen as a businessman who will not enter a political tender without studying the profits and losses.

But will the winds flow as long as the ships do not desire? And that was through the interventions of other groups whose presence was evident through the rioting in front of Congress ??

Are the complications of political vaccines possibly more than we expect ??

Is the harvest of the parties will be in the interest of the parties?

Will the coming anger inevitably in the United States manipulate the future of the East as well as the West?

What about the Iranian military parades by sea, land and air?

What about the felling of Lebanon, Syria and some related countries in the battle of (Safar Barlak), if you will?

How about the manipulation of many local currency in different countries?

Does fear of the dollar become a fear of the dollar?

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