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How to obtain Saudi citizenship

Last Thursday, Saudi and Arab media circulated the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to grant its nationality to a number of distinguished talents, with rare expertise and specializations.
The Saudi Press Agency said that the decision came in light of the royal order to open the door to naturalization of legal, medical, scientific, cultural, sports and technical competencies, but this decision opened the door to questions about the laws regulating the acquisition of Saudi citizenship and its conditions.

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, February 2020 Saudi Arabia decides to grant citizenship to specialists in several fields
Below we review the most prominent provisions of the Saudi law regulating nationality, as reported by the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, which the Council of Ministers decided to approve by Resolution No. 4 dated 25/1/1374 AH.
Article 7 of the law states that “a Saudi person is born inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a Saudi father, or to a Saudi mother and a father of unknown or stateless nationality.”

Article No. 9 states that “Saudi Arabian citizenship may be granted to a foreigner who meets the following conditions:

He must have reached the age of majority, upon submitting an application for Saudi Arabian citizenship, and had acquired the status of residency for a period of no less than ten consecutive years.
To be of sound mind and body.
To be of good conduct and not have been sentenced to imprisonment for a moral offense for a period of more than six months.
He must be one of the professions that the country needs. An exception is made from this condition if he was born in the Kingdom to a foreign mother and an unknown father.
To prove his livelihood by legitimate means.
Be fluent in Arabic, speaking, reading and writing.
Article 12 states, “A Saudi’s naturalization of a foreign nationality, when he is authorized to do so, entails that his wife loses the Saudi nationality if she enters into the nationality of her husband in accordance with the law relating to this new nationality, unless she decides within a year from the date of her husband’s entry into this nationality that she She wishes to retain her Saudi Arabian citizenship.

Article No. 14 deals with the results of a foreigner acquiring Saudi nationality, saying that “a foreigner’s acquisition of Saudi nationality entails that his wife becomes a Saudi Arabian unless she decides, within a year of her husband’s entry into Saudi nationality, that she wishes to retain her original nationality.”

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