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How to store food properly

In the event that containers are used at home to store food, clean and dry containers must be used, as this condition is important for storing food in a healthy way.

In the event that the containers are used to store vegetables as well as pickles, the jars must be sterilized well, by pouring boiling water into them, if they are glass, but if they are plastic, it is preferable to follow the instructions written in their brochure.

Ensure the validity of the product

The first thing that the buyer should take care of is the validity of the products that he buys. You should not buy any product that is about to expire, but it must be new.

Do not open packages that will not be used now

In the event that some packages are purchased for storage, they should not be opened until the time of use, and stored as they are tightly closed, while making sure that they can be stored at normal temperature or inside the refrigerator.

Storage in elevated places

If there is a possibility to store products outside the refrigerator, they must be placed on high surfaces, and not close to the ground, to be away from any sources of pollution or pests that may reach them.

Store food in a healthy way by freezing

To reduce the bacterial risk, a group of foods should be stored in the freezer to be frozen, as they are high-risk foods, and they include:



Various types of seafood.

When storing these foods in the freezer, all of the following must be taken into account:

Wrap foods well in bags, then seal the bags, and it is preferable to remove the air from them as much as possible.

To be far from other foods, so that no bacteria from them are transmitted to these foods. For example, frozen meat should not be placed near frozen vegetables.

It should not be refrozen again if it was previously thawed.

It is worth knowing that when cooking or reheating frozen food, it is important that it is well settled, even if it is stored and frozen properly, as some bacteria can remain in it, so heating or cooking it well will reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Important tips when storing food in a healthy way

Hot food should not be placed in the refrigerator directly, but rather it is necessary to wait until it cools down, because placing hot food in the refrigerator can lead to an increase in its temperature completely, which leads to safety problems for all foods stored in it.

Food should not remain outside the refrigerator for a long time after it has been cooked. It should remain for a maximum of two hours, then be placed in the refrigerator.

It must be ensured that the plastic used in food storage is safe and appropriate, as some types of plastic release compounds that interact with food to make them toxic and cause cancer.

It is preferable to choose transparent plastic containers, which contain fewer chemicals, and plastic No. 5 is the safest; Because it is reusable.

Do not put foods in plastic containers while they are hot. It is better to wait until they cool down and then put them in them. This is one of the foundations for storing food in a healthy way.

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