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Iran loses one of its military leaders

It seems that 2020 was the year of the loss of important leaders in Iran, and although most of them were assassinations and aggressive targets, Corona also had its share of targeting ..

As the Iranian authorities announced the death of the senior military commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Major General Abdul Rasul Astwar Mahmoud Abadi, following his infection with the Corona virus recently.

According to the official Iranian News Agency, “Major General Abdul Rasul Astwar Mahmoud Abadi, who was suffering from lung symptoms as a result of being attacked with a chemical weapon in the Iran-Iraq war, died yesterday evening as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus.”

The agency stated, “Mahmoud Abadi worked shoulder to shoulder with the late Qassem Soleimani, former commander of the Quds Force, and his assistant, Hussein Hamdani, who was killed in Aleppo in 2015 in fighting the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria and Iraq.”

It is noteworthy that the Iranian Ministry of Health revealed yesterday that “the total deaths caused by the Corona virus in Iran exceeded 50 thousand, with 321 new deaths recorded in the past twenty-four hours, and the total number of cases increased to one million and 28,986, after 12,181 cases of the virus were recorded.”

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