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Iran seizes fuel smuggling ship

Today, Wednesday, Iran announced the arrest of a ship smuggling fuel in the Gulf waters, pointing out that the price of the cargo exceeds 61 billion Iranian riyals.

The head of the Hormozgan Provincial Court, Mojtaba Qahramani, said that “the coast guard of the island of Qeshm, located in the Gulf, was able to locate the “Lunch” ship on the country’s water borders, carrying 277,000 liters of smuggled fuel.”

He pointed out that “the smugglers intended to transfer the cargo to one of the countries bordering the Gulf, where the operation was thwarted after intelligence monitoring and cooperation and coordination with the Coast Guard,” confirming the arrest of the ship’s 12-member crew, where they are still under arrest until the investigations are completed.

Last June, the Iranian authorities announced the seizure of a ship carrying 90,000 liters of smuggled fuel near its coast.

The chief judge of Hormozgan also said that the security forces “seized a ship carrying 90,000 liters of smuggled fuel in the waters surrounding the island of Kish on the Iranian coast.”

Last May, the Iranian authorities announced the detention of a foreign ship that was transporting smuggled fuel in the Hormozgan province in the south of the country and the detention of its crew.

And that the ship was transporting more than 550,000 liters of smuggled fuel, and the Iranian authorities confiscated it in the Gulf waters and took it to the port,” noting that the judicial authorities took over the case to conduct the necessary investigations.

As the Iranian agency quoted an unidentified judicial official as saying: “Seven crew members were arrested.”

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