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Israeli hackers drop Israeli broadcasts

Today, Tuesday, Israeli media revealed that an Iranian group of hackers announced that they had seized the data of millions of Israelis, including Prime Minister Yair Lapid and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, and had taken down the website of the Israeli broadcaster Kan.

The Iranian hacker group “war_dark” said it managed to hack a database containing about 9.5 million records of Israeli residents, including Yair Lapid and Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The hackers released partial information on 8,300 records, which include, among other things, name, identity card, date of birth and voting rights,” he added.

Meanwhile, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper said that the group claims to have been able to take down the website of the Public Broadcasting Corporation (Kan Channel).

It is noteworthy that the website of the Israeli channel could not be accessed, which could confirm the authenticity of the news that it was brought down by an electronic attack.

Yesterday, Monday, Kan channel said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are behind cyber-attacks witnessed by Israeli government and private institutions, including the hacker group known as “Black Shadow”, which leaked many files and personal details of the Israelis.

Also, in recent years, hackers, whom Tel Aviv says are affiliated with Iran, have intensified their attacks on Israeli targets, including ministries, government institutions, and insurance companies.

Israel and Iran consider each other their number one enemy

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