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Khaled Al-Qish Art took a lot of my life

Syrian artist Khaled Al-Qish confirmed that the Syrian drama is now living on the product of its recovery, which began 4 years ago.

Al-Qish indicated during a television interview that the series “Kisser Adem” was a challenge for him to prove himself and make up for his role in a minute of silence.

The Syrian artist also confirmed that it is possible to embody again the role of an officer in one of the works, but in a different way from its predecessors.

During the same meeting, Al-Qish answered the only thing he was afraid of, as he explained that the art profession cost him many things in his personal life.

Also, the artist Khaled Al-Qish answered a question about the recovery of Syrian drama during the current year through the works that were shown in Ramadan.

Al-Qish said, “The idea of ​​the Syrian drama is that it is recovering. It certainly went through problems, but it did not recover now. She recovered 4 years ago.”

Al-Qish added, “We have been trying for 4 years to build the Syrian drama that people love and that tells about reality.”

He added that my series, “Breaking a bone, suspended”, was able to present similar works to what the Syrian drama used to offer several years ago.

And the artist Al-Qish indicated that the series “Kisser Adham”, in which he participated during the current Ramadan season, was a personal challenge for him.

Al-Qish said, “I am the series “Kisr Adham”, which was a challenge to me personally as an actor, whether I look like Brigadier General Essam to Major Marwan or not.”

He added, “Although it is not a type, a method, a role, and with a role, I will work in the new role if the officer is in a different direction.”

Al-Qish talked about the possibility of him embodying the role of an officer again in one of the upcoming dramas.

Speaking about the matter, the Syrian artist said, “Of course, if I want to work as an officer for the future, it will be a very special role in which we will play in order to do it.”

During his meeting with the artist Khaled Al-Qish about the only thing he is afraid of, and he explained what he lost from art.

Al-Qish commented, “He is only afraid of one thing, and it is a song that hides my passion because I am very passionate about art.”

Al-Qish continued, “Art has cost me a lot in my life, things that are special to me, so I could not reach them.”

It is also mentioned that the artist Khaled Al-Qish appeared during the last Ramadan season in several dramatic works, the most important of which are “Breaking a bone, Al-Qubba neighborhood, with suspension of implementation.”

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