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Lebanon: The Consequences of Hezbollah’s Regional Positions

Bilal Abdullah, a deputy in the Lebanese Parliament for the Progressive Socialist Party, said that the Bahraini Foreign Minister’s talk about resolving the Lebanese crisis with the Gulf states and that the solution starts from Beirut “comes within the general context that has worsened after the statement of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Qardahi.”
In his interview with “Radio Sputnik”, Abdullah added that the Gulf urges Lebanon to return to the moderate Arab position and not be a media and political platform in the axis of resistance led by Iran.

He stated that the Bahraini minister’s message was “the inability to overlook the issue, especially since Lebanon was unable to present a goodwill gesture to dismiss the Minister of Information.”

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He pointed out that the Lebanese interior “cannot bear the consequences of Hezbollah’s behavior with the Gulf states,” explaining: “We deal with Hezbollah in Lebanon as an existing political component, but a large section of the people rejects the regional role of Hezbollah, which has become a burden on Lebanon.”
Abdullah pointed out that “Hezbollah” regional positions that were not agreed upon in Lebanon “bring this weak and economically collapsing country additional burdens that we are not able to bear.”

He stressed that “Lebanon has no interest in turning its back on its Arab brothers and being only an arena and a bargaining chip for the Iranian side within the framework of its negotiations in the nuclear agreement with the American side.”

The Bahraini Foreign Minister, Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, had said earlier that the solution to the Lebanese-Gulf crisis starts from Beirut and changes Lebanon’s relationship with the brotherly countries, against the background of the statements of the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Qardahi, regarding the war in Yemen.

He added, during his meeting with the foreign ministers of Jordan and Iraq, within the “Manama Dialogue” conference, that “the crisis must be resolved from within Lebanon and among the Lebanese first.”

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